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Having a web site is only the first step towards making use of the internet as a marketing tool. Equally as important is promoting your site to ensure you attract as many potential customers as possible. Search engine optimisation (SEO) should be a crucial part of your internet marketing. We specialise in search engine optimisation (SEO) for companies based in Berkshire.

Google is a tremendous source of free traffic that shouldn't be ignored by any company, large or small. We optimise websites to work better in Google, and get more free traffic from it.

What is SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the art of getting a website to work better with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. To optimise the content of website to appear on the free side of search engine results. Usually, the higher the position of a website in the search engine result pages, or the higher it "ranks," the more searchers will visit that site.

SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for. Optimising a website primarily involves editing its content to increase its relevance to specific keywords.

So why?

Optimising your website through search engine optimisation should be a fundamental component of your overall marketing mix. Research shows that 85% of web traffic comes from search engines. Search engine users have chosen to use the Internet to research an issue or solve a problem. These visitors are well along the sales cycle as a result of having taken the initiative to use a search engine to solve their problem. They are buyers.

But if your site is not ranked high enough on the search engines (e.g. after the third page of the search result), none of that traffic will come to you. After spending thousands of pounds or more developing a website, businesses often discover that the site is invisible to the major search engines. By recognising both the importance and the need of search engine marketing in the development of your website, you hold a significant advantage.

Ethical SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for companies in Newbury, Berkshire

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services can fit any company's website and budget. We love designing websites that work with Google, and "fixing" websites that don't. Search Engine Optimisation is passion for us because thats where we have got most of our business from.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) services from Fuze Design in Berkshire

Whilst there are no guarantees with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), we offer tried, tested and proven search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques to get your website to the top of search engines like Google. We focus on on-page SEO - with the right keyphases in your website content for your business, a sensible internal linking structure, and the right incoming links, any website can begin to achieve more visibility in Google, Yahoo & MSN through SEO.

How did you find Fuze Design - a SEO company in Newbury, Berkshire

For instance how did you find our website? Was it via a search engine? In excess of 75% of our new business in Berkshire comes as a result of searches through the major search engines. We don't advertise anywhere, apart from in free, organic listings in search engines. If we can get results for ourselves and other businesses, we can do the same for you and your business.

Fuze Design has many years of experience in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and designing and promoting websites for clients of all sizes in Berkshire. This experience means that we can offer advice on which SEO techniques are appropriate for your business and budget.

SEO Newbury, Berkshire

Not sure about search engine optimisation (SEO). Well, you’re not alone. Ask ten companies whether they have a search engine marketing strategy and nine will say no. Ask the same people how they find information for the products and services they need and they’ll tell you they use a search engine.

If you have a website that is not performing for you and you want to rank higher in the search engines please contact us to find out how we can help you and your business. We would be delighted to show you some of the results we have achieved for clients in Newbury, Berkshire and beyond.

Free SEO strategy proposal - we will analyse your website and provide optimisation recommendations. Please contact us for further details.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Newbury, Berkshire by Fuze Design

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